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User-Generated User Guideline

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There have been some debates that are going on on the acceptability of certain pong-soliciting means. While we at our side agreed that the current pong system is easily gamed upon, simply due to the fact that we do not only record pongs from registered users but from anyone who followed through the links, some of the regular users have felt that ‘pong-gaming‘ have affected the integrity of our ranking system.

While we at’s team is working towards the next update which would change how pong is recorded and how popularity is determined, arzhou from has kindly done up this user guideline for all of us to refer to, while we are all awaiting the new pong system.

———————– User Guideline
v0.01 alpha (Reproduced completely from arzhou’s)
[Edit this guideline here at wiki]

Does accept all kinds of blog post? has no restriction on what you can blog, we do not have editors to monitor and approve all posts. It is up to the community to decide what is good and what is not. But we would appreciate it if you blog responsibly. This would include:

· No flaming or strong personal attacks on people

· Making allegations against someone or some company with out any proper evidence.

· No attacking of other religions/ races/ beliefs. If possible we would like everyone to hold hands and sing “it’s a small world after all”

· Try to keep your blogpost family friendly as possible, we do have young kids viewing. That means no explicit pornography.

· Label post that are considered not safe for work viewing as NSFW, do not “sabo” your fellow pingsters should they view your post at work or at school. Seriously… I mean it

What is Pong Cheating?

Pong cheating is essentially artificially inflating the number of pongs a particular blogpost gets with the intention of getting into the daily top 10. There are several known methods that are clear cut pong cheating:

· IP Spoofing

· Embeding the url into a page

What about other methods like getting my friends to pong me?

Getting your friends to pong your post and several other methods listed below are still often debated as whether it is considered acceptable or not. There are several names for such methods, eg: Plugging. This is currently a grey area due to the nature how calculates pongs. Since anyone can pong, not just a registered user, this system can be used to inflate a post’s pongs.

Several known methods of plugging

· Spamming the shoutbox with the link and telling people to visit it.

· Placing the link on high traffic forums

· Mass sending the link or user page to friends on various forms of IM (eg: msn, AIM, yahoo)

· Using the link instead of the blogpost permalink when linking to a particular URL.

What is wrong with such behaviour?

Whether or not such behaviour is considered wrong is subject to debate especially when it concerns plugging which is seen as a grey area. But such behaviour messes the ideal way that should work, which is to reflect that the blogging community or user community on things is a good post or a bad post. This can also include unregistered users who visit ping to keep up to date on the Singapore Blogosphere and random people who stumbled upon as well.

Are there any other user behaviour that is frowned upon by the community?

Another popular trick which is linkbaiting, which is using a rather catchy post title to get reader attention but the actual post has no relevance to the title or does not live up to what the title suggests.

Please be aware that some users use creative punning in their blog titles and this is often seen as acceptable.

I see that has a shoutbox, what is the purpose?

Well, the shoutbox is where pingsters go to the avoid doing work or study. We waste away our time chatting, talking cock, planning outings. In general it is seen a one of the most important community building tools here at We would appreciate it if you adhere to the following rules on shoutbox:

· No spamming of commercial websites for the purpose of soliciting sales

· No plugging, which means soliciting pongs for the purpose of increasing the pongs on a post.

· Pls do not try and pick a fight on the shoutbox aka flame war. We do not mean you try and burn each other literally, but more like scold, shout scream, use vulgarities etc

Want to change something? Edit the guideline here at the wiki.


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