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Our Very First Sponsor

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Hi all users (Pingsters?),

You probably would have already noticed that there is now an advertisement on the top right corner of our site. We are proud to have Nuffnang as a sponsor for this period and they are also our very first sponsor!

Nuffnang is a Singapore-based blog advertising company. By signing up with them, bloggers would be able to earn ad revenue. Unlike most other blog advertising companies, Nuffnang is a local registered company and you would be getting your revenue in SGD, saving all the extra bank processing costs that might have been incurred as fees for overseas cheque processing.

Do check them out if you would like to make some moolah from doing something you really love to do, blogging.

Thanks to Nuffnang for being our very first sponsor and thanks to all the users for the continuous support that you all have been giving so far.

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April 30, 2007 at 11:45 pm

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Meet Up #2 Was All Fun, Fun & Fun

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It was a fun night out with the users on Meet Up #2 at Essential Brew. The meet up was attended by ntt, dk99, uzyn, kevin, ridz, tstar, clappingtree, rinaz, eastcoastlife (& boyfriend), and ebie (the co-owner of Essential Brew).

Not only the food was great, there were a lot of constructive (and also plain fun and useless) discussions going about. The constructive ones, like that regarding netcast and 1st anniversary would be continued on our forum.

Since all of the attendees are bloggers, we would leave the description of the event to them.
dk99: meetup #2 – Essential Brew
eastcoastlife: Meetup #2
clappingtree: Thanks for the Meetup, Bombe & Company
rinaz: A lovely evening with the peeps of Ping.Sg
ntt: Quote of the day..
tstar: meetup #2
ridz: Ping.Sg Meetup #2: My story.

And some photos for the event:
Group Photo 1
Group Photo 1

Group Photo 2
Group Photo 2

The Desert

For more photos, please head over to Flickr [pingsgmeetup2].
And for those that brought a cam to the meetup, please upload your photos to flickr and tag it with ‘pingsgmeetup2’. If you do not have a Flickr account, you can always email them to our very own head Flickr uploader,

Even though this is more or less an informal meet up, it was really nice of Even of Essential Brew (ebie) to book a table for us and to join us for some chit-chat in between his busy work in running the cafe. It was even nicer of him to provide us with not one but two complimentary desserts for the event. And to top it all, he even gave us a 10% discount off our bills! Thank you Evan for the excellent food, extremely yummy complimentary desserts, nice hospitality and discounts! We definitely hope to be back at Essential Brew again.

Written by uzyn

April 15, 2007 at 6:13 pm

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It’s been months after the fun first meet up that we’ve had. After Nexus, has been getting quite a number of new users. For the past few weeks, the site has been really busy. Thanks to all your support.

In other to get to know the new members and for some chit-chatting sessions among the members, we think it’s time again for another meet up. There have been some discussions going on at the forum on the next meet up and we have decided on the details:

Date: 14 April 2007 (Saturday)
Time: 6PM till late
Venue: Holland Village (actual venue still undecided, please suggest in the forum)

Some agenda:
1. Eat, drink, be merry. (Top priority and agenda for the meet up)
2. Discuss on the details of potential netcast.
3. Present and discuss ideas on improving
4. Share any ideas that you think would interest bloggers or technology enthusiasts. As far as we know, a lot of us are technology enthusiasts.

Do sign up either by leaving a comment here (if you are too lazy to activate your forum account) or discussing about it at the forum. There would be a running list of attending members over at the forum. We hope to see you all at the party!

[ Link to Meet Up #2 forum post ]

Written by uzyn

April 8, 2007 at 2:59 am

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