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We believe a lot of the Pingsters had some fun playing our little game, “Whose Ping Is It Anyway”, yesterday. The game was first made live at around 7AM SGT on 1st April 2008 and was ended early this morning at 6AM (we’re sorry for those who had missed sleep playing it all night).

When the game was first launched, most of the Pingsters were playing it rather casually, though some also confessed about skipping breakfasts upon discovery of the game early yesterday morning and spent their breakfast time playing the game instead.

The game heated up some time during the afternoon when a few of the Pingsters were competing for the top spot, arzhou, nicole, ridz84, mintea to name a few. Nicole was dominating during the working hours with a clear lead and a lot were amazed by her extreme lead, which we believed was over 1500 points when most others close contenders were still at around 700. But the game took a surprise turn in the evening when ironicgamer suddenly top the ladder with a huge margin and surprisingly amazing “right”-ratio – close to 70%!

Being a really cool and nice guy that he is, he revealed the exploit that he was using to get the lead later in the evening in the shoutbox. Even though we really admired his act, as reluctant as we could, we adjusted the points accordingly, based on our records and fixed the exploit – causing ironicgamer to lose about 1000 points, his percentage dropped to <40% and position dropped to 5th, with nicole resuming the lead. Bring the crazy gamer that he is, he challenged the ladder once again by playing legitimately.

Throughout the night, we saw the ladder lead changed hands a few times, between mintea, ridz84 and some others. The shoutbox was also extremely active at that time, attracting quite a few pingsters to also join in the game. Then came the surprise of the night, ironicgamer was once again topping the ladder, despite his earlier penalty. We were all really impressed, but the contenders did not slow down and took it as a challenge.

Players like mintea, ridz84, sheylara, ironicgamer, cobaltpaladin, paced, xinyun, xizor200, etc were clicking madly throughout the night. Some trying to clinch the top spot before the game closes at 6AM while some trying to squeeze their way into the top 10 for the “menshun” we promised. The fight got rather intense throughout the night, at around 10pm – 2am, but then it became a bigger challenge, when fatigue kicks in, just like the ending of a marathon race. The players were still playing madly but most were really tired but still did not give up. We had to stop following at around 4am as uzyn was already really tired.

When we were up again the next day, the game has ended, and we have a winner – sheylara! Despite the fact that she has only discovered the game later in the afternoon, she had managed to beat the game with a crazy run of 3030 points, answering 3330 questions! Congratulations sheylara. We’ll be contacting you to send you a t-shirt soon.

Here’s the rest of the top 10s:
Score (Questions answered / Rights / Wrongs – Percentage of rights)
1. sheylara 3030 (3330/1590/1740 – 47.75%)
2. ironicgamer 2688 (4348/1759/2589 – 40.46%)
3. arzhou 2674 (1966/1160/806 – 59.00%)
4. ridz84 2609 (2051/1165/886 – 56.80%)
5. xizor2000 2104 (2112/1054/1058 – 49.91%)
6. mintea 2060 (2080/1035/1045 – 49.76%)
7. nicole 1861 (1651/878/773 – 53.18%)
8. cobaltpaladin 1770 (1862/908/954 – 48.76%)
9. labrat 1620 (2192/953/1239 – 43.48%)
10. paced 1606 (1554/790/764 – 50.84%)
more on the results can be found here:

Really amazing run. Congratulations all.

It must have been a crazy April Fool’s day for all of you, but we certainly hope you all had fun.

No, will not change its focus to be a gaming platform. We still want the bloggers to keep blogging as we love reading those blogs. 🙂

Here are some interesting / useless stats:
Total players: 170
Total questions answered: 45,220! (with more than 50% answered by the top 10)
Average questions per player: 266
Assuming 5 seconds per question, total man-hours spent: 62.8 hours!

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Interesting Quotes:
[I wanted to compile a list of interesting quotes from the shotubox on the game. Some of them were pretty funny. I started going through the shouts history from 7AM yesterday and compiled the list up to around 5PM and had to give up. The partial list is available at the forum here. Will appreciate if anyone can help complete the compilation. 🙂 ]


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April 2, 2008 at 4:55 pm

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Bloggers are generally bored people., being friendly towards the local bloggers, have decided to change our focus to bringing entertainment to the bloggers.

We are proud to announce our first ever game, cater towards bloggers – “Whose Ping Is It Anyway?”.

Play the game now.

Bloggers’ happiness is our responsibility!

P/S The pings in the questions are only selected popular pings. So regular Pingsters should be able to do well.

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April 1, 2008 at 7:08 am

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