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v0.80: En Route to v1.00.

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It’s been awhlie since has been getting an update. During the time when Uzyn has been busy with his school works, we have all seen the relatively amazing growth of for the past one or two months.

We would like to thank everyone of you for your support and for spreading the words among your friends about the site. We owe you for that.

Thus, in the process of getting out of beta and into version one-point-oh-oh, we invite all of you members to give us your suggestions and ideas on how you would like the site to be. We promise we will listen to you.

On top of functionalities and features enhancement of the software that powers, we are delighted to announce that we have finally found a designer to work on the brand spanking new user interface for version 1. One of the reasons we believe that she will do a nice job in designing for is also because she is also an active user herself, thus would know what we all are looking for in a good user experience. We have seen her actively participating in the ‘shoutbox’ and also pinging her blog entries almost daily onto With that, we would like to introduce Veron [] as the UI designer for v1. Thank you very much, Veron, for accepting this task and we know that you will do a good job at that.


Before we get too carried away with the upcoming version 1.00, here is the changelog for version 0.80:

  • Mouseover excerpt tooltip for entries in the ‘most popular’ box on the homepage
  • Shoutbox improper update fix.
    – There should not be anymore duplication of updates when user is trying to post a shout in the same time when the shoutbox is updating itself.
  • Proper text truncation.
    – No more mid-word trunca…
  • Pagination on is improved.
    – No more having to navigate page by page. User can now jump more easily from page to page using the new pagination menu below the page. Just make sure you land properly.
  •’s feeds now display non-Latin characters, eg. Chinese, correctly.
  • Several updates to the engine to enhance performance and usability.

Don’t forget to hit Ctrl+F5 on’s main page so that your browser’s cache would be updated to the latest versions of the files.

Please email any bug reports to

As usual, happy pinging!


Written by uzyn

December 14, 2006 at 2:10 pm

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