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Scheduled Maintenance

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There will be a scheduled downtime for maintenance later at 30th May 2007 2AM SGT.

This is to facilitate the migration of from a USA-based server to a Singapore-based server. With the sponsorships of, we have finally able to afford to be hosted right here in Singapore. Yes, hosting in Singapore costs a lot more than hosting in the States. Once the DNS propagation is complete, which should take anywhere from 1 – 6 hours (technically it can take up to 72 hours!), users of from Singapore can expect to load blazingly fast.

During the down time, we suggest the users to get some long-needed sleep. Or if you miss the shoutbox action, you can always join us at our IRC channel, at Freenode. You can also check out this post from time to time for the status of the migration.

We are sorry for the downtime. Thanks for bearing with us.

2:27 AM – Shutting down current (USA) server.
2:30 AM – DNS entry changed to point to SG server.
3:00 AM – Migration completes. Waiting for DNS to propagate.
3:05 AM – Main site should be running okay now.
3:51 AM – Forum is still not fully functional as it requires DNS propagation to be completed to be set up properly.
3:54 AM – Going to bed now. Keeping my fingers crossed that DNS would be updated in Singapore before the break of dawn.
4:00 AM – There have been tons of pong activities going for the past 1 hour. Seems like the DNS has been updated in a lot of places, but not mine.
4:02 AM – Attempted to set up forum blindly without being able to test with proper hostname. Let’s see if it works when the DNS propagation is done when I wake up.

Written by uzyn

May 28, 2007 at 10:25 pm

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Blogout was an event organised by TDM (The Digital Movement).

Fellow pingsters who attended include: Uzyn, Nicole, Hendri, Adrian (arzhou), Michael Cheng, Ridz, ECL, HHDU, DK, NTT , Genie (I hope I did not miss out anyone =X) (Edited by Veron: You missed me out! And Brennan too!)

I shall not write too much about the event, since there are blog entries written by fellow pingsters:

Adrian: @ Blogout + possible scandals (AGAIN)
Nicole: BlogOut!
DK: Blogout

Will update here when I find more blogposts about it!


Written by Nicole

May 25, 2007 at 1:31 pm

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Greetings fellow pingsters! has certainly come a long way and is turning 1 real soon! Preparations are underway, but, in order to make this event a grand success, we need suggestions and ideas from everyone.

Do check out the following links – WIKI, Forum. Feel free to fill in with your suggestions and ideas! Have the energy ? Help out by volunteering to be in the organizing committee =)

Interested to attend the event? Feel free to include your REAL name and username in the wiki!

Keep the suggestions and ideas coming~!

Till the next post,

Written by Nicole

May 20, 2007 at 10:13 pm

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Hello Pingsters!

This is Nicole, guest blogging for Blog… and would like to thank U-zyn for the opportunity to do so… without further ado, I shall now give you a brief rundown on what took place at Meetup #3! It was a blast, and we had alot of fun and laughter there too! The venue this time was at Geek Terminal, and its a very cool place to hang out too… The food is great, coffee’s fantastic and the ambience is simply lovely…

The meet up was attended by: Uzyn and his gf Sekling, DK, Ntt, Tstar, Surfslayer, Nicole, Hendri, Micheal Cheng, Neo, Ridz, Estee, Chernjie, Keropokman and Adrian as well. (Hopefully, I did not miss anyone out) =X

Since all of the attendees are bloggers… I shall leave a series of links to their various respective blogs… Happy Reading! =) *If I left any blog links out, let me know and it shall be updated here*

Nicole: Meetup 3.0 – FUN!
Tstar: Ping sg meetup 3
Surfslayer: Had an interesting meetup with members of Ping sg
Hendri: Meet Up 3.0
Estee: Geek Terminal Video – We’re RETARDED!
DK: Ping sg gathering at Geek Terminal
Micheal Cheng: My first Ping sg meet up
Keropokman: Geek Terminal: Coffee from the heart
Keropokman: Geek Food @ Geek Terminal
Keropokman: Group Photos

Signing off,

Written by Nicole

May 12, 2007 at 7:47 pm

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Trackback and Pingit! Are Now Deprecated

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Trackback and Pingit! were two of the methods that were brought over from the beta stage of when the “Update Now” and XML-RPC service were still under development.

Even though we have stopped listing Trackback and Pingit! as one of the pinging methods ever since we launched version 1, there are still some blogs that are still using trackback as of now. These methods are deprecated and are removed from from now on.

If you are still using trackback to ping, please visit for the instructions on how you can do automatic pinging using our XML-RPC server.


Written by uzyn

May 10, 2007 at 11:02 pm

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