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v0.70: XML-RPC Server & v0.72: Search

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Yes, we know that v0.70 has been released for about a week now. v0.70 has been one of the most major upgrade has gone through so far, it is the addition of XML-RPC server. With the addition of RPC server, users do not have to manually submit or send trackbacks from their blogs anymore. It’s all done automatically now by grabbing the latest entries from users’ blogs. All you have to do is to just tell that you have updated your blog.

There are 2 methods to tell that your blog has been updated. One is by setting up the “Update Service” on your blog engine to notify using the unique XML-RPC URI for your blog; the other method is by visiting and click the “Update Now” button corresponding to your blog.

There hasn’t been any issue reported so far regarding this new feature. Do try it out if you haven’t done so and best of all, do tell us if you encounter any issues, or even if you succeed in using it.

v0.72: Search. is now searchable. The search feature should be pretty straight forward.

Try using it with multiple keywords. The search would separate each keywords, do a search as a phrase, using the boolean OR, using the boolean AND and et cetera, and would later sort them according to the relevance to your search keywords as determined intelligently and algorithmically. Or you can also sort the results by date or by popularity (pong counts).

These 2 ideas are suggested each by andreww and cobaltpaladin, though that’s not to say that they are not on our to-do list before that. We have a few features to be implemented in our minds, but we would still like to hear your ideas. So, do keep them coming!


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September 19, 2006 at 2:15 am

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