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We’ve Got A Forum!

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Yes, finally, after all the days of discussing in the mini-forum, aka “shouts”, we are proud to announce that our forum ( is now up and running.

Existing users please proceed to your profile page at to activate your forum account. Click on the “Activate Forum Account” button and simply enter your forum password as prompted. Your forum account would be activated immediately.

For the techies, if you are wondering why are we asking for your passwords since we have already known your passwords, the fact is, we do not know your passwords. All passwords are stored on our database using a one-way cryptographic hash encryption. So do not worry, we don’t know who you’re in love with (ilovexxxxx passwords). And we can’t simply copy the hash over due to the different one-way hashing algorithm that and the forum software are using.

Enough with all the technical crap, let’s get talking already!


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February 12, 2007 at 1:56 am

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No Shop Blogs Please

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For the past few days, there have been a few commercial blogs that have been seen using’s services.

In order to keep as a healthy and pleasant community for local bloggers to interact and to discover and read each others’ blogs, we have decided not to allow any commercial blogs to use our free service.

Any commercial blogs found using the service would be banned from now on. We are sorry for that and we hope you will understand our decision.

If you would like to have your commercial blog or site featured on our site, do feel free to contact us for an advertisement deal.


Update on Feb 9th, 2007:
Edited the title of this post to ‘No Shop Blogs Please’ from the original ‘No Commercial Blogs Please’ to avoid any unwanted misunderstandings.

What we mean by ‘shop blogs’ are pseudo-blogs that sell products by writing an entry for each product. Such sites are not truly blogs in a strict sense as they are merely using the easy-to-use blog CMS to showcase their products for sale instead of doing actual blogging. An example of what we meant by ‘shop blogs’ would be those that have majority of their posts with titles like “Sexy T-Shirt – $24.99”, “Cheapest Valentine’s Bouquet – $49.99”, etc. You know what we mean.

To further clarify this policy, do note that we have no intention of disallowing (in simple terms, we allow) the following types of blogs:
– Blogs by business or shop owners that talk about the daily operations of their respective business.
– Real blogs by real bloggers that sell or auction off stuffs occasionally. These blogs are in no way considered ‘shop blogs’.
– Blogs that serve advertisements on their sites. We do not mind if you are making millions off your blogs as long as you are truly a blogger and your blog is a true blog.

As long as it is a real blog, we have no intention of disallowing it. Please read the comments below for further clarifications.

Thanks and happy pinging!

Written by uzyn

February 7, 2007 at 12:52 am

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We had lots of fun at the 1st meet up. The users who attended the meet up had plenty of fun meeting and interacting with each other. We even managed to play some board games later in the evening.

Users who attended were:
uzyn, veron, harro, ntt, jugend, matthewchong, brennan, sweska, cibailang (2 persons), lostin, dk99, ridz84

First Group Photo
First Group Photo

Second Group Photo
Second Group Photo

Leaving a mark at Pitstop Cafe
Leaving a mark at Pitstop Cafe

More photos can be viewed here at Flickr.

For others who brought camera to the meet up that evening, please tag the photos with ‘pingsgmeetup’.

Thanks to all those who turned up and made it a success. And thanks to Pitstop Cafe for hosting us.

Looking forward for our second meet up.

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Written by uzyn

February 6, 2007 at 2:36 am

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